Glide into Elegance

Gracefully moving through the glistening ice, AGUAdeORO's Ice Skating Girl Collection makes a dazzling entrance.


Inspired by the legendary figure skater Denise Biellmann

Denise Biellmann

Switzerland's 12-time world champion figure skater
and an ambassadress of AGUAdeORO.

As if performing on a frozen stage, each piece captures the essence of artistry and femininity, echoing the unparalleled beauty of figure skater Denise Biellmann's iconic spins. Step into a world where the brilliance of diamonds meets the fluidity of motion, crafting a collection that defines the poetry of figure skating in every exquisite detail."

Born in Zurich, Denise Biellmann is one of the greatest figure skaters the world has ever known. Talented from an early age, she was the first figure skater to land the triple lutz in competition at the age of 13. She has always been ahead of her time, constantly trying to reinvent the art of figure skating, despite the very rigorous mindset of the field. She is also one of the only athletes to have given her name to an artistic figure: the Biellmann spin, which inspired AGUAdeORO's new jewellery collection in honour of her career: The Ice Skating Girl Collection.


Each piece maintains a balanced, graceful position, as if enchanted by magic, reflecting the captivating artistry of figure skater Denise Biellmann's pirouettes".

In the same way that Denise Biellmann challenged the rules of figure skating in the days of her youth, this collection breaks with the traditional codes of jewellery, revisiting new angles and shapes. Mr Alfredo Arredondo, founder and CEO of AGUAdeORO said:

"Denise Biellmann represents our identity perfectly. She is elegant and humble and shares the same values as we do. We honour the fact that she challenged the codes of figure skating with the Biellmann spin, which is the main inspiration for this collection. We also see ourselves as a company that breaks codes by trying new things; using laboratory diamonds, for example. We challenge established codes in the luxury sector and we wanted someone to represent that. As a Swiss brand, it was also important for us to choose someone who represents Switzerland."

Biellmann Spin - Denise Biellmann 1995