Once upon a time, the story of the Ice Skating Girl

Once upon a time, the Ice Skating Girl was born.

Imagine one cold evening in September of 2020. It is a normal working day, like all the other days of the year. As per usual, Alfredo is sitting in his atelier contemplating the ceiling with one question in his mind: How to put together a collection that embodies AGUAdeORO’s values and philosophy? In front of him a white sheet of paper with some sketches. Little did he know that this day, he was going to come up with a brilliant idea. An idea that started a new chapter in AGUAdeORO’s history. The birth of the Ice Skating Girl Collection.

It all started with the ice. Just like the lab-grown diamonds favored by AGUAdeORO, the ice made at home in the freezer and the ice retrieved from the mountain have the same chemical constitution. Therefore it became the main source of inspiration for this collection. But it wasn’t enough. It needed to be extraordinary. We wanted to do something different. A collection that breaks the traditional and rigid codes of the jewelry aesthetics.

The process of creating an AGUAdeORO piece of jewelry always begins on the drawing board. After a lot of hard work this idea was finally brought to life. The first piece of the jewelry set was created - the ring. White, brilliant and transparent, like the ice, with shapes and angles that challenge the standard idea of what jewelry should look like. Rectangular but askew, it reminded us of the ice rink.

But we still needed someone to represent this vision, the new face of AGUAdeORO. Someone who shares similar values and relates to our philosophy: 

“Luxury is quality. Not only of the product, but also the quality of life of people involved in making it.”

After a detailed search, our choice for our new ambassador became obvious. No one fitted our brand’s vision more than Ms Denise Biellmann, the 12 times Swiss World Figure Skating Champion. Challenging the codes of ice skating in her time, she is one of the only athletes in the world to have an artistic figure named after her : the famous Biellmann Spin. It became the main source of inspiration for this collection, as it is seen on the picture above.

The final jewelry set includes a ring, a necklace and a pair of earrings. The center of each piece is represented in its center by an emerald cut diamond of 1-2 carats, surrounded by 18k Fairtrade white gold. This center stone embodies the ice rink with the legs of Ms Biellmann when she performs the Biellmann Spin.

We are proud, as AGUAdeORO, to finally reveal this long-awaited special jewelry collection made in honor of her career.

Click here to learn more about it and Ms Biellmann: https://aguadeoro.ch/pages/denise-biellmann